JW was born and raised in Southern California. His early affinity for art was influenced largely by skateboard graphics. After earning a Bachelor Degree in Studio Art, he worked as an art installer for museums and private collections, and became a scenic painter for corporate and theatrical productions; both of these experiences further informed his studio practice.

With a background in printmaking and production art, JW's style incorporates a Pop Art sensibility. He finds it important for the artwork to be accessible as a visual form of communication. Using the tropes of Lowbrow Art, his goal is to win over viewers who claim to not like "Art" without alienating High Art aficionados.

The work incorporates a multi-layer approach; with a base in abstract expressionism and material techniques, followed by a graphic, Pop inspired presentation, all centered around a conceptual art sense of humor. Sometime the work begins with a concept to which the aesthetics adhere, and sometimes it progresses in the opposite direction. JW's practice begins with a sketchbook full of witty quips and vague descriptions, which progress through rough sketches into foundations for paintings that maintain room for exploration. The exploration in the work comes through the use of materials, the stylistic presentation of subject, and the varied use of text and font.